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We build aerial and underground telecommunication networks everywhere in Quebec, including the most remote areas in Northern Quebec, the Maritimes and Ontario.

We install:

  • Optical fiber

  • Coaxial cables

  • Copper cables

  • FTTH distribution

  • Structures cables

  • Equipment

We do:

  • Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing

  • Optical fibre cable characterization

  • Coaxial connections

  • Copper Cable splicing

  • Connected equipment configuration


  • Main pole lines, service poles and connections (exterior and interior)

  • Buried cables

  • Cable pulling in conduits

  • Suspended cable (bridges and overpass)

  • Urban and remote areas.


  • New networks

  • Modernization

  • Pre-engineering

  • Maintenance and repair

Whether C3F is the project leader or works as a subcontractor, whether we or another firm did the engineering, we apply the best techniques in order to comply to the highest applicable standards.


This is why our loyal customers include telecommunication providers of all sizes, School Service Centres, MRCs, government agencies and other institutions that appreciate our reliability and capacity to deliver within the agreed upon timeframe and budget.

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