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C3F Telecom started in 2001, back then under the name of C3F Consultants, offering a wide range of engineering services to the telecommunications industry.

Over 20 years, we have improved our techniques and processes, enabling us to offer the complete range of engineering services for aerial and underground networks, FTTH as well as structured cabling:

  • Pole surveys

  • Network design

  • Pole Loading Analysis

  • Permits and Rights of way  

  • Plans & Mapping

  • Geomatic services

  • Inspection

  • Work site surveillance

  • Engineering by the tenant

  • Project Management

From pole surveys to plans, our process rely on the most innovative technologies which allow us to produce verifiable, high-quality deliverables within the agreed upon budget and calendar.


Among our customers and partners are telecommunication providers, government agencies, school service centres as well as other telecommunication network engineering and construction enterprises and structured cabling construction companies.

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